About Us

A proven track record has already confirmed its participation and invests its capital, and where nomoreloansharks.com also invests . Investors registered with nomoreloansharks.com can invest under the same conditions as the reference investor , and share their experience and knowledge. Our main objective is to allow our users to have a well balanced and diversified portfolio of investment in quality innovative companies .

At nomoreloansharks.com, quality prevails over quantity , and our main metric is not the number of companies that have obtained investment through the platform, but to filter and select those that present good growth prospects. Investment in emerging and innovative companies is classified as high risk investment, so we focus our efforts on mitigating risks by being very detailed in the filtering and analysis of companies and we discard those that present excessive short-term risk.

We only publish investment deals, and we invest in all of them to be fully aligned with our investor users and because we think it is a profitable way to invest our capital.